T.I.M.E is an integral approach to physical health, emotional balance, and mental and spiritual clarity founded by Sri Swami Vidyanand, a renowned yoga master.

Traditionally, meditation is a part of Raja Yoga. Over the years, yogis have tried to achieve enlightenment of the mind through meditation. But in order to bring a truly permanent and definitive Transformation, one has to look beyond just the mind. Simply meditating on the thoughts, breath, sound or senses, or just plain silence is not enough. T.I.M.E helps us discover our selves beyond the mind, body and vital.

One has to Dive into the depths of one’s being and try to truly understand who we are and what is our purpose. This cannot be done by a one aspect meditation.

So that brings us to the question:

What is Meditation?

TRUE Meditation is the process of internal observation by which we come into communication and connect with our Para Nature. Our Pure self or The Divine and bring harmony and balance to the Physical, Vital, Mental and psychic aspects of our existence.

T.I.M.E is a truly integral meditation leading to a rapid and permanent ascent in our state of consciousness.